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Welcome to gamingtorrent.com
To Download Games from gamingtorrent.com  you need:

1. Download torrent client ( Utorrent) here    (External Link)



2. Install Utorrent


3. Download your games *.torrent  file ( for example "Medal Of Honor: Airborne"  Pressing Download Torrent).




When you click on Download Тorrent button, a new window opens.  Wait 5 Seconds and in the upper right corner click on Continue and you will get a torrent file




4. Open your downloaded games *.torrent  file and press ok




5. Wait until the game is fully downloaded.



Installation Note:


If during the installation of  any  game you encounter errors (especially Xdelta or Unarc.dll), try the following steps:


1. Install necessary system software. Download here.

2. If Downloaded Game is in ISO file it is much easier to mount it with DAEMON Tools Lite (Virtual CD/DVD creator) (Download here)   than extract it with WinRaR or 7zip.

3. Disable antivirus software - it may falsely trigger on drugs than any stop installing repack, or simply do not will run the game

4. Disable UAC(User Account Control) - it can block the program unpacking / assembly inside the installer

5. Make sure that the virtual memory (paging file), you have at least the amount of physical memory, and better - twice.

6. Verify that the destination hard disk, and the disk with the Windows temporary files you have enough space.

7. Try NOT to install the game on drive C :, or vice versa - to drive C :, if not put on another - in Windows right thing so ...

8. Look for the Windows system folder (and deeper) unarc.dll file. If it is - delete it

9. Run the installer with the rights as shown in the picture (the menu "Properties" by right-clicking on the file):





How to Change  Language


If  Installed Games Default Language is not  English use this Methods:


Method 1.   Find in installed games directory file steam_api.ini  (or  steam_emu.ini , codex.ini, skidrow.ini, 3dmgame.ini , prophet.ini,   fairlight.ini,   plaza.ini, hi2u.ini,   flt.ini,   razor1911.ini,   postmortem.ini,   tinyiso.ini,  cpy.ini,  reloaded.ini,  ali213.ini,  outlaws.ini  ….. ), open it with notepad, scroll down to the bottom and change for example  russion to english (Language = english),  save (pressing  ctrl + s) and restart the game.  Watch tutorial


Method 2.   In Windows Search type regedit.  Click on regedit  icon.  Drop down   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE   >  Software   >   WOW6432Node.  Now you have to look for your game here.  Find entry name "Language".   Click on that  and  change "RU" to "EN" ( If  "Russion" to "English").    In another entry "Local"  (if it exists)  change "RU" to "EN".     Watch tutorial.   Tutorial 2


Method 3.    If there is not file steam_api.ini  and second method do not works try to change language in games settings (If Dafault language is in russion find that   –   Settings = Настроики (or Опции),  Language = Язык,  English = Английский,   Change = Изменить,  Save = Сохранить )